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    Mount Baker CrossFit: Near Many Burlington Real Estate Opportunities

    My adventures in the real estate industry and other endeavors used to make it difficult to find time to stay in shape. Let me clarify that: I had time, but I often either wasn’t motivated or I was drained from long days at work.

    workout and training equipment
    Mount Baker CrossFit offers plenty of workout and training equipment; it’s also close to plenty of Burlington real estate listings!

    I wanted to make fitness a priority while maintaining and growing my career helping people buy and sell Burlington real estate – and properties in other areas. I decided to do that I needed to treat my body just like I treat my work; I had to make time for it. It had to become routine. It had to be fun.

    Then I found Mount Baker Crossfit in Burlington, WA. My time here has made it easy to not only stay in shape, but it’s helped me learn to focus and has solidified my ability to set and achieve goals. Working out here is more than exercise for me.

    My New Routine

    After waking up early and starting with a healthy breakfast – most of the time – I head to my office and start my workday. At lunchtime, roughly in the middle of my day, I head over to Mount Baker CrossFit for my daily workout. Lest I forget or get distracted, this daily appointment is on my calendar. It’s time I take for me, five days a week.

    This break in the middle of my day allows me to reset and refocus on the tasks that are foremost in my mind. I finish my workout feeling refreshed and ready to accomplish the rest of my goals that day. After a sensible post-routine lunch I head back to the office, renewed and replenished physically and mentally.

    CrossFit is a workout that works for me. Especially here in Burlington, I’ve noticed there’s an amazing group and team aspect to working out. There’s plenty of motivation from fellow CrossFitters and an extremely positive and productive environment. It’s a great feeling knowing that no matter how hard my day is I can go to Mount Baker CrossFit and work it all out.

    Great Things at Mount Baker CrossFit!

    Mount Baker CrossFit Merch and Supplements
    I’ll help you with Burlington real estate. Mount Baker CrossFit has your back with supplements and CrossFit schwag.

    One of my favorite things about working out here is how eager the staff are to help everyone succeed. The facility even

    offers free childcare for members with kids! This year they are hosting the second annual 2016 Northsound Throwdown, a charity event to benefit Operation Warm. With great trainers and awesome equipment, there’s not much about exercising here I don’t like.

    CrossFit can be contagious. Stephanie, a member of the Dominic Pettruzzelli Real Estate Team with tons of knowledge about Burlington real estate, now joins me most days! If you’re interested in Mount Baker CrossFit, check out their schedule or give them a call at 360-661-1393. And, as always, call us at 360-610-7256 if you need to buy or sell a home in Skagit County.

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