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    Skagit Valley Lakes in Washington State: Real Estate & the Angle on Fishing

    The lakes in and around Skagit County offer some of the best fishing around, whether you prefer to fish from the shore or on the water in your boat. Here’s a brief look at some of the most popular in the area. For great fishing and amazing Washington state real estate, you’re looking in the right place!

    Big Lake

    a largemouth bass
    Catch one of these monsters when you fish in Big Lake, Lake McMurray and many others in the area!

    If fishing is your bucket of worms, then Big Lake has some great mid-year options. From April to October, you’ve got a good chance of snagging black crappie, largemouth bass or yellow perch. With a few salmon and a couple of species of trout thrown in, the odds are you’ll catch something. Big Lake is an awesome place to launch the boat for a leisurely day on the water. Don’t plan on staying overnight, as this lake doesn’t offer camping spots. If Big Lake feels like home, though, there are some exciting Skagit County homes for sale in Nookachamp and other neighborhoods.

    Lake McMurray

    From late April through October, seize the opportunity to battle with largemouth bass and rainbow trout, but don’t be surprised if you end up with a crappie or yellow perch on your line. Primarily for fishing, there isn’t any hiking to be had, and no camping, either. There’s a seasonal port-a-potty, but be prepared if nature calls and you happen to be at Lake McMurray.

    Clear Lake

    In addition to the occasional crawfish, anglers can put their skills to the test by trying to catch one of a large number of species that inhabit Clear Lake.

    • Black crappie
    • Brown trout
    • Largemouth bass
    • Pumpkinseed
    • Rainbow trout
    • Smallmouth bass
    • And more!

    Another spot primarily for fishing, there are no restrooms or campgrounds, but the non-fisher people in your entourage can enjoy the serenity that is magnified in this pristine location.

    Lake Campbell

    A view of Lake Campbell from Mount Erie
    Lake Campbell is a very scenic place to put your angling to the test!

    When you feel like you need a challenge, consider fishing Lake Campbell (also called Campbell Lake). You can probably manage to grab a couple of channel catfish, largemouth bass or yellow perch, but if you really want to try, you might get coastal cutthroat or rainbow trout. There are bathrooms here, but you’re not allowed to camp. Take a stroll around the lake before you get on the water; you might find a new fishing hole.

    We’d like to send a huge shout out to the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) for their help in finding this information quickly. For more specifics about fishing, or to research other lakes in Skagit County, check out this WDFW resource. If you need information about boating regulations at your destination, visit WDFW’s Water Access Sites tool for Skagit County.

    If you have questions about Washington state real estate, and especially Skagit County, give the Dominic Pettruzzelli Real Estate Team a call at 360-610-7256! We are ready and waiting to help you get started today.

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