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    Swimming and Diving in Skagit Valley, Real Estate and More!

    Among the many other outdoor and recreational activities you’ll find in the area (prime Skagit Valley real estate among them), swimming and diving rank highly – not surprising given the abundance of water in the Pacific Northwest! Whether you’re free-diving, snorkeling or scuba diving to explore some of the unique underwater plant and animal life or you’re doing the breaststroke in a heated indoor pool, spending time in the water is almost required. (Not really, but you catch the drift.)

    As always, safety is the most important factor to ensure you have fun and survive to repeat the experience. There are a few things you should always remember before you head to the pool, lake or beach:

    • Make sure someone on land knows your location and the time you are expected to return
    • Follow safety precautions for all equipment you are using, including life jackets and other flotation devices
    • Pay attention to and heed all warnings and hazard signs; they are there for a reason
    • Always swim or dive with a buddy or group
    indoor swimming pool
    Swimming indoors is a great way to stay warm and in shape during the cold Pacific Northwest winters, plenty of Skagit Valley real estate options are near heated pools!

    Sink or Swim (Preferably Swim)

    If you’re looking for a good way to exercise or just enjoy being in the water, there are plenty of chances to get your feet wet in Skagit County. This area is lucky to have numerous lakes that are clean, clear and ideal for swimming and other water sports. In fact, we already covered a couple of them in another post about boat-in camping, and a few more when we wrote this article about hiking in the area. A warmer option for all seasons is choosing one of the local public pools. Some of them are listed on this site, provided by KidInsider. In addition to the lakes and swimming pools you’ll find, there are miles of beaches and shorelines that provide the perfect place to create some amazing summer memories.

    Wet and Wild: Underwater Exploring in the Pacific Northwest

    We probably don’t need to say it again, but we will: the PNW has incredible coastlines and the underwater scenery isn’t the least spectacular view. Okay, we haven’t said that before, but we could if we wanted to. A couple of our favorite diving resources for scouting out dive spots and groups or instruction are online:

    underwater coho salmon
    In addition to amazing Skagit Valley real estate listings, the abundance of salmon in the area is one perk of exploring underwater wildlife in the area. [1]
    • Whidbey Island Dive Center: Located in Oak Harbor, this company provides diver training and instruction, as well as information and advice on some of the most interesting local dive sites.

    Even with this brief overview, you can see that opportunities abound for water lovers living in and relocating to Skagit County and the surrounding area. You know, the property selection isn’t too bad, either! If you’re interested in Island and Skagit Valley real estate (or if you just have a question), give us a call at 360-610-7256; the crew of the Dominic Pettruzzelli Real Estate Team is ready to help you get started!

    [1] © Bureau of Land Management CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr

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