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    Washington Real Estate and More: Long Hikes in Skagit Valley

    If you’re looking for Washington real estate and get some exercise, fresh air and wonderful views, then going for a good long hike like one of these in Skagit Valley should be near the top of your list. These hikes and trails are all over five miles but don’t worry, there is another blog about hikes under five miles. Each of these trails varies in degree of difficulty, but we’ve done our best to try to let you know what you’re getting into before you start something you might not have been

    Little Mountain Trail
    Exciting and energizing views abound, but if you’re researching Washington real estate, remember Little Mountain offers some of the best!


    Little Mountain Trails

    The trails in Little Mountain Park are many, and the total trip is just about 11 miles. There are trails that range from easy all the way up to a challenging technical rating, so it’s a good idea to look at the information available at the park before you head out. Here is also a link to a helpful download with more information about Little Mountain and the hiking available there.

    Tommy Thompson Trail

    With a round-trip distance of just 6.2 miles, Tommy Thompson Trail isn’t so long that it’s an all-day adventure, but is long enough to spend a few hours on a sunny (or even not-so-sunny) day. Found in Anacortes, the trail is maintained by volunteers and is paved. Starting at Q Avenue, it ends at March Point Road and is known as an easier trail.

    Anderson Mountain

    Accessible from logging roads, Anderson Mountain sports two different hiking trails, for a total of a whopping almost 25 miles. Neither of these trails is recommended for those seeking an easy hike, and both of them require moderate to strenuous hiking, so hiker: be warned! Make sure you pack enough water and remember to stick to the trails for safety. There are sometimes logging operations in the area, so check the conditions of the trails before you start your adventure.

    Blanchard Mountain

    At 10 miles one-way, the trail at Blanchard Mountain is ideal for packing a lunch and hitting the trail for the day. Running from Chuckanut Drive in Whatcom County to Summerland Road, there are breathtaking vistas and great places to stop and rest or grab a bite. There’s a pretty significant increase in elevation (about 2000 feet), so the often steep inclines make this one of the more difficult hikes you can tackle.

    Thornton Lake in Washington
    Many Washington real estate listings are near scenic vistas and clear water, like this view from Thornton Lake and Trapper’s Creek.

    Thornton Lakes and Trappers Peak

    The total distance of this trail is just over five miles one-way, and there’s a rise in elevation of almost 3,000 feet, so you can imagine that this hike would probably be difficult for beginners. The beginning of the hike is relatively easy and has some amazing chances to spot native animals and great views, so it’s worth the trip even if you’re not planning on completing the whole trail.

    Cow Heaven

    We saved the hardest hike for last, and this one’s quite the doozy. If gaining 4,000 feet in five miles sounds like a great idea on your day of rest, then this trail’s for you. Known for providing excellent areas to sit and ponder, read or enjoy a snack, Cow Heaven is a steep hike with some challenging areas, so appropriate footwear and plenty of water are definite musts for this trail.

    Many thanks to SWITMO, the Skagit-Whatcom-Island Trail Maintaining Organization, as well as the Washington Trails Association for their help in locating, compiling and providing a lot of the data about these hikes and trails. Please visit their websites for even more helpful and updated information on these trails and more in the area.

    The crew here at the Dominic Pettruzzelli Real Estate Team is always ready to help you with your questions about Washington real estate – especially in Skagit County – so give us a call today at 360-610-7256!

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