Skagit County

    Comprised of the major cities of Anacortes, Mount Vernon and Burlington, Skagit County is home to people from all stages of life, including new families, retirees and traveling professionals. With ample choices available for lodging, dining and imbibing, this beautiful, historic area is worth exploring. From Native American cultures that date back over 11,000 years to some of the most modern and updated industries and architecture in the state, no one is surprised when the region grabs them by the heartstrings.

    Hiking, Trails & Parks

    Thanks to this handy map from Visit Skagit Valley, it’s easy to find a trail near you that isn’t going to make you regret waking up nor leave you feeling like you wasted your time on an inefficient hike. This resource covers all of Skagit County, and if you’re here, there’s a place to hike, walk, run or pretend to exercise not too far away. Most questions you have will be answered by the brochure, but just in case, you can contact the Skagit County Parks & Recreation Department, the Washington State Parks Department or the National Park Service.


    This past March, the Skagit Valley Daffodil Festival was especially proud to be featured in this LA Times article. Reporter Catharine Hamm said: “If it’s true, as Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, that earth [sic] laughs in flowers, Washington state’s Skagit Valley is a side-splitter.” She wasn’t joking. This festival and the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival every April are only a fractional sample of what is available to enrich and entertain your mind, body and spirit all year long in Skagit County.


    Throughout most of the Skagit Valley, getting where you need to go is easy, convenient and usually affordable. Whether you’re living in an exurban community, commuting to a larger area for work each day, or right in the heart of the city living your dream, there are plenty of options available.

    • Public Transportation

    Many bus lines are scheduled to allow you to arrive at your destination on time. If you’re driving and taking the ferry is part of your commute, it’s a cinch to plan your route and make reservations online.

    • Amtrak & Greyhound

    While not the most convenient, Amtrak and Greyhound both provide opportunities for non-airline travel if you need to travel further from Skagit Valley than standard public transportation can take you.

    • Driving

    Like a lot of growing areas, Skagit County experiences its fair share of traffic woes. It’s a lot easier to get around here than, say, Seattle, but it’s good to learn the traffic patterns if you tend to be a paranoid driver in busy traffic.

    • Biking

    The Skagit area is pretty spread out, so unless you stick pretty close to home or are an avid cyclist, you’d do well to plan some legs of your journey to coincide with the use of available public transit. Some roads are known for less-than-ideal visibility, so be sure to wear a helmet and reflective gear and follow the rules of the road.

    Skagit Valley is a fun, vibrant and growing area to visit, experience and live. There’s not a lot that can’t be accomplished here. The climate is great for gardening, boating, fishing and many other outdoor activities. It’s not so expensive to move or purchase a home here as to be prohibitive to all but the wealthiest (though there are definitely some properties for you if you are!). If you have questions about real estate or buying a home in Skagit County, contact the Dominic Pettruzzelli Real Estate Team at (360) 610-7256; we’ve got you covered.